Magnum and Magnum Acro RC

Magnum reloaded, is a simple to build, and very easy to fly RC model. The fun for the beginner and the expert is guaranteed. Whether indoors or outdoors, the Magnum reloaded is a great experience.


In the latest version the chassis is also equipped with wheels. This allows takeoff and landing on smooth surfaces such as asphalt or paving or short cut grass. Alternatively, you can add floats for fun flying from flat water. The optional floats attach easily and are retained by rubber bands. (The wheels remain in place.)


Three channels, rudder, elevator and motor make this a simple model to control.


Construction of the kit takes about 3-4 hours. The wing is removable for easy storage and transportation.


In the box: All foam parts prefabricated and laser cut clean edges, all the rods and hinges, wheels along with building instructions.


Required accessories: 3-channel RC system, 2 servos (5g), Engine power set 100W, battery 2S/350 - 1000mAh




  • Wingspan: approx 800mm
  • Length: approx 700mm
  • Flight Weight: from 200g


Options include:


  • Float set
  • Wing upgrade to Magnum Acro


Color versions: please specify when ordering


Recommended age: 14+ years

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