Spiel Gut Recommendation

What does this mean?


Since 1954, professionals and parents have been examining and assessing toys, from babies' rattles to material for experimenting. The members of Spiel Gut are independent of the toy industry and retailers. Their Spiel Gut recommendation signifies that the toy has been tested by children, examined by the experts and meets their requirements.


Their criteria:


Play value, material, workmanship, construction, durability, design, size, quantity, quality of the instructions for playing or making and suitability for the appropriate age group.


Play and toys as educational aids


Playing always involves learning, not in the traditional sense of teaching, but on the basis of personal experience - the most effective form of learning in childhood. Physical and mental agility, social behaviour, imagination, logical thinking, concentration, to name a few, can be developed by playing. The benefits can be seen for the rest of the child's life in the way they conduct themselves at work, relationships and social occasions.


Learning to play


But playing has to be learned. The readiness to play, which every child has by its very nature, can only develop into the ability to play with careful assistance, stimulation and encouragement. Good toys can also help in this, but only if the abilities and interests of the child are taken into consideration when choosing a toy.


Spiel Gut toys at Miniprop


We have a number of toys at Miniprop that have gained the Spiel Gut award with more coming online soon. Typically, our Delta hEPPy Fly and our Felix IQ glider ranges carry the Spiel Gut mark.

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